What our clients say about us!

"Shelley really cared about our needs and explained the process to us. She communicated with us throughout. Her service was much higher than other realtors and she bought us dinner."- Elmer and Rachel L.

"Lisa was prompt about everything and very available. Also very honest. She was able to save me some expenses along the way. I wouldn't have known the difference so I really appreciate that." - Drew N.

"We have worked with Lisa in the past and were very pleased with her service and communication with us. Lisa has been great, our overall impression, she goes above and beyond for her clients." - Fran and Pat J.

"My brother and sister-in-law told us about getting Craig for real estate. Craig is a wonderful guy and his service to us was great!" - Tammy N. and Norman W.

"Lisa wanted us to find something that made us happy. I really do believe that. We really appreciated that she contacted us when a property she thought we would like came on the market. Excellent service, especially for those interested in a recreational property." - Ben W.

"I was very happy with the way everything came together and how fast the house sold - which is what she said would happen. Since this was my first experience selling a house, I was very apprehensive. Lisa was very patient with me and explained everything very well." - Christine C.

"This property was listed with several other realtors and it took Lisa's efforts to sell it! She was very dedicated to her profession. Even though this wasn't a high value property. She never compromised on service. - Sherry G.

"Patty has been our realtor and friend from the beginning. She was always honest and gave us a fair veiwpoint. Patty is on top of everything behind the scenes. Dedicated to her clients. She provides honest viewpoints and works for you." - Michelle G.

"Patty is so knowledgeable. She worked through every problem that came up and got the house sold.  Shelley was lovely and so helpful." -Evelyn M.

"Shelley worked with us to buy our first home. She is truly one of a kind.  You don't find people like her anymore.  She was actually interested in helping us achieve our dreams. Not just say she was interested but got down in the trenches with us to make it happen.  She answered every time I called, replied to every text, went above and beyond to make sure our 100 year old house qualified for an FHA loan.  Her follow through was amazing and when the bank had problems getting their stuff together, she stepped in and made it happen. Shelley will never be anything but a hero to us, we could not have done it without her. If you are looking for an agent that will be by your side and not just sell you a line, Shelley is that person.  Like us, it will be the best decision of your life." - Tim and Kris B.

"Lisa is direct, open and honest. She was genuine in helping find the property we are interested in, not her own agenda, just caring about what we were looking for. Lisa's service was exceptional and above and beyond what was expected.  We will highly recommend her to others.  Unlike other realtors we contacted she stood out as an exemplary, dedicated and honest." - Barbara F.

"Boyd, thank you for everything. You have been great to work with even though some parts got long and drawn out, but you were awesome in selling our property." - Raymond & Kaitlin C.

"Boyd was very helpful, positive, and we both felt he actually cared about us.  Boyd is very nice, he's comfortable to be around, and very helpful. What stands out is how easy everything went with his help. We will recommend him." - Carly S.

"We worked previously with Lisa due to her knowledge and attention to detail. She kept me "on task" to stay ahead of the process. Her service was excellent - she really knows the Pine Creek Valley!" -Kevin O.

"We chose Boyd for his honesty, integrity, intelligence, and diligence. This guy is awesome! His service was impeccable." - Troy and Amanda B.
"She (Lisa) really provided everything I was looking for. She was very personable, friendly and very helpful. I have previous experience working with Patty Davis and I believe the whole office provides excellent services." - Joseph T.

"Lisa was recommended to me. She got the job done and got me thru the process effortlessly. I needed that!" - Michelle A.

" Craig has a great reputation in the Renovo area.  What stands out most is his professionalism. His service was great." - Michael S.

"When first looking for a realtor, Patty got back to me immediately and gave the best, first overall impression. She was informative, down to earth, and correctly told me what to expect. She took care of everything without difficulties. Thanks again Patty!" - Patrick L.

"Craig was familiar with the area and prices of the properties. What stands out is how fast Craig found a buyer compared to the other realtor. His service was great." - Patricia W. 

"Lisa kept us informed about everything that was happening and helped us with all of our questions. Lisa made us feel comfortable, just like a friend would, throughout the whole process of selling the house." - Glenda G.

"Lisa understood our circumstances and time frame. She got a quick sale and got it done! - Jenny K.

"We chose to work with Lisa because we had worked with her previously. Her service was fantastic. We couldn't ask for a better agent. - Michael Q.

"Lisa really worked hard to get everything done for us.  We really appreciated her work. She is professional, caring, understanding, and knowledgeable.  We would recommend her to anyone."  - Carol F.

"Craig's service was excellent! What stands out most is his willingness to work with our particular needs." - Karen E. 

"Lisa made us feel like her family and like her top priority. We loved her service." - Megan C.

"We wasted over 2 years listing with 3 different agents until we finally found Lisa. Lisa was attentive and kept us informed whether there was or was not any interested buyers. The pictures that Lisa had taken were so much better than pictures taken by the other agents. It shows that she really takes her time to make the property as appealing as possible. She never hesitated to do a showing even though the property was located at least 1 hour from where Lisa is located. Our past experience with realtors is that they don't actually do any work. They list the property and forget about you until the buyer comes along and they collect commission. Our experience with Lisa was so different. There was no heartache when it was time to pay the commission because she worked so hard for us.  If you have property in Clinton or Potter, Lisa is the only realtor you should consider." - SueAnn and Lee S.

"Lisa was referred by a trusted friend. She is very knowledgeable about the market and provides timely responses to road blocks. What stands out is her quickness in responding to my questions." - James S.

"Patty you are awesome! Thank you for helping us sell our home.  I am thrilled and very pleased to receive a full price offer!  You were great to work with and exceeded my expectations." - Karen W.

"Patty provided me with no nonsense feedback in a professional, business-like manner. Davis Real Estate, Inc. was willing, and did, go beyond the responsibilities of a seller's agent. They took charge in cases when the buyer's agent did not fulfill obligations. Patty's service was excellent and she has a great staff who helped her and me." - Doug S.

"Lisa was very personable, professional, and REALLY cares about her clients - us!  She made us fee that we are "family".  She helped us obtain our "dream", a second home/cabin in the Pine Creek Valley." - Dianne S. and Curt W. 

"It was luck we got in touch, but I absolutely loved how Patty explained everything, knowing I was new to the area. She went above and beyond. 5 stars across the board!" - Ralph L. 

"Lisa's service was very good. What stands out is how helpful she was." - Stephen W.

"I chose to work with Lisa Linn because of her local knowledge.  She instilled trust by working with some of the same people in the area I have worked with. If they trusted her that was good enough for me.  What stands out in my mind is how quickly and seamlessly it all went.  Lisa was a blessing! - George L.

"Many thanks to Patty for managing the sale of our property. Without her innovative and professional help, there is little doubt that we would still own the property." - Robert O.

"Lisa never let me hanging for answers to my questions. She's more than a realtor. She's my friend." - Joseph C.

"Craig's service was very good. He explained the process and cared about our needs." - Elmer L.

"Lisa communicated very quickly. She worked hard moving a hard sell property." - Dawn B.

"Patty got it sold fast! She has very nice staff and Bobbi Squier is the best.  They are great people to work with." - Eugene E.

"Patty is very professional and always very prompt to respond to questions, etc. Patty's service is excellent." - Timothy B.

"Lisa was very honest and worked quickly to get us what we were looking for. She works to ensure that her customers are well informed of their purchase. She truly cares for her customers and their interests." - Jamie I.

"We thoroughly enjoyed a true professional plying her craft very well. Patty Davis, and her whole operation are first rate." - Donald O.

"What stands out most is Lisa Linn's honesty and how she helped us through the most difficult processes of buying our house. She was always on point and helpful. If she didn't have an answer she would do whatever was needed to answer all of our questions. I will/do recommend Lisa to my friends or to anyone who asks. She is great and we will miss working with her!" - Kalena B.

"This (commercial) building was harder to sell because of the layout inside and the parking. Patty knows when someone is wasting everyone's time.  She gets right to the point and gets the job done." - Jeffrey F.

"Whenever we had questions Lisa Linn always got us the answers quickly, most of the time we had answers the same day!!! We are very pleased with Lisa!" - Barry and Barbara H.

"Lisa Linn provided stellar service! Lisa was/is amazing in every aspect of our experience. Lisa provides options, information, and solutions. She is genuine and truly cares for her clients." - Donald and Sally L.

"Patty sold our cabin in 4 months during the winter months - you can't beat that! I used her in 1971 and her reputation was still as excellent in 2017 - a "no brainer"! - Holly Y.

"Patty and her team went above and beyond to assist us as seller and purchaser agent." - Gail L.

"We contacted several realtors about a move to the Mill Hall area from Indiana, PA. Davis Real Estate was the only one to respond with suggestions for our search. I'm sure at times we tried their patience with question after question about the home buying process, but they remained friendly and answered every question promptly. We were new to the area and with their expertise and knowledge of the area we found our perfect home in Jersey Shore. Patty, and their staff were terrific throughout our home buying process and went above and beyond to help us every step of the way. We can wholeheartedly recommend Davis Real Estate to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home! -Marlene M.

"We are very pleased with and very appreciative of the service received from all those at Davis Real Estate. Patty worked tenaciously to help us get the home we wanted. Barbara and Bobbi were both very helpful as well. Many thanks to all. We highly recommend Davis Real Estate to anyone buying, selling or renting." -Douglas P.

"I was very pleased with the with help we have gotten to sell this house. I would recommend her to any one. We are looking forward to getting another house with this agency she was very helpful." -Geoff and Tammy M.

"Patty was honest and really cared about us. She was always there, ready to help, and available when needed. Patty is a nice person to work with.  Not too overly professional that we can't understand what she means.  We just loved her!" -Lydia G.

"Patty was a pleasure to work with.  She was very knowledgeable and helpful to us as we navigated the home/land buying process.  She kept us informed along the way of tasks that needed to be completed as we approached our closing date.  Her staff was always friendly and professional.  We would highly recommend Patty for any real estate buying or selling." - Constance B.

"Patty was very nice to work with.  Kept us up with what was happening. She went above and beyond to make it happen." - Leona S.

"Your service was the best.  You had excellent communication with us throughout the process and the advertising was very good.  I would list my home with you again and will refer my family and friends." - Leonard Y.

"Thank you for everything you and your staff did to sell our house.  You have a top notch agency." - Jim and Cristine B.

"Patty Davis and her entire staff were a real pleasure to work with.  They helped guide us through all the details and we relied on their vast knowledge every step of the way.  We could not have made it through this process without them.  I highly recommend their team, you will not be disappointed." - Scott and Cynthia L.

"Patty did a great job in helping us relocate to central Pennsylvania and helping us find our new home.  She made herself available at the times we could go looking, answered our questions, negotiated the sale, and helped us get everything done for moving here.  her experience and knowledge of the area are unmatched." - Chuck A.

"At our initial meeting you confidently stated, 'We'll sell this house.'  Those words were so welcomely received by me!!  And, you in a short period of time did exactly that, expertly and pleasantly in all our further transactions.  Your work and efforts were greatly appreciated by me.  Patty - you're the greatest!!"  -Carole S.

"We just wanted to give everyone a BIG special thank you for all you have done to help us (present and past)! We appreciated your continued support thru our process...we definitely will recommend Davis Realty to anyone we know purchasing or selling a house." -Joanie W.

"I was impressed with Patty's knowledge of the market, responsiveness and personal attention to every detail in selling my cabin.  I would recommend anyone selling or buying property to Davis Real Estate, Inc.  -Patricia R.

"Truly, working with Davis Real Estate and Patty Davis was a great experience.  The professionalism throughout the entire process was top-notch, and I would recommend Davis Real Estate to anyone.  Through both selling our home, and purchasing a new home, Patty was communicative and supportive.  Her advice and knowledge about the local market was important in the success we had on both ends of the real estate spectrum.  My wife and I were ecstatic with the entire process, and we are so very happy we chose Davis Real Estate.  -Troy M.

"What started out as a client and a Realtor quickly turned into a caring personal friend and agency which persevered until our house sold. Working with Patty Davis proved to be a professional yet outstandingly friendly experience." -Paul and Dianne C.

"Patty went out of her way to accommodate my desires for a quick move. Everything went smoothly." -Charles G.

"We are so pleased with the special attention given to us from Megan Davis. From the beginning to the sale of our home Megan was concerned about every detail. We are grateful we got her. We would definitely recommend her to anyone." -Michael and Patricia P.

"Megan Davis was wonderful throughout our whole buying process; she is very educated in every aspect of Real Estate and our local market.” –Patrick S.  

"Patty worked diligently to market our property. I can not think of anything she could have done that she did not do. I wouldn’t consider another agent because they could not do anything more or better than Patty did for us."  –Don and Linda G.

 "After two prospective buyers backed out at the last minute, Davis Real Estate still produced results on the third one. Megan remained calm and patient with us even when our concerns and impatience would sometimes escalate! We are pleased with the outcome." -John and Kimberly F.

 "Megan Davis made the dream of home ownership a reality and made the stress of finding, bidding, and buying a home so simple. We've dealt with others before her, and hands down she is the best. I knew from the first showing we were with the right people. Professional, easy to reach and patient. There was no forcing us to buy what we weren't comfortable with. She made it not about the money, but rather for us getting the perfect fit. Thank you!" -Chezarae Y.

 "Patty started working with me to sell my house the minute she walked in the door. She is very professional but so friendly and helpful. I didn't have to do anything! She was able to sell my house quickly, for a great price- in a difficult seller's market." -Mary V.

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